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In September of 2011 I founded Library of Independent Exchange (L.I.E) in Plymouth Devon, UK.
Originally conceived as a temporary (5 weeks only) arts reference library and events space; a place to
develop discussions and exchange, exploring how a resource functions and how it can be utilised, the
project continued, appearing in various guises; as publisher, reading room, shop, gallery, film production
agency, commissioner, collector and promoter.

L.I.E has a permanent collection of works by contemporary independent arts publishers and artists from
across the globe that it’s made accessible to the public through the project’s events and exhibitions. The
collection includes editions, artists’ books, monographs, magazines, journals, zines, sound art, and
exhibition ephemera, from the likes of White Columns (US), Circuit (CH), Nieves (CH), Mack (UK),
Archive of Modern Conflict (UK), Lubok (DE), Gagarin (BE), Hot Gun (US), Book Works (UK), to name
but a few.

As a 100% not-for-profit and (publicly) un-funded for-the-public venture, all money raised (curatorial fees,
sales from publishing, etc.) has gone directly into sustaining the project. Approximately 90% of the
material in L.I.E’s collection has been generously donated free-of-charge by the respective publishers.

The following is intended to provided an overview of some of the project’s activity from 2011 - 2015.

‘Viewing Room’
February 2012
The Gallery, Plymouth College of Art, UK

‘Viewing Room’ sought to explore the role of the book within contemporary creative practices. Through
utilizing examples from the L.I.E collection I constructed a system of categorisation denoting key forms
of artist publication, showcasing ideas of construction and format. For the occasion, 10 publishers, artists,
and curators were invited to contribute lists of their ‘favourite’ books from their own personal collections,
exploring the idea of what is held in a collection and its influence on the creative output of their keepers.

Featuring special contributions from: Ed Ruscha (USA), New Jerseyy (CH), Hans Ulrich Obrist (UK),
Jem Southam (UK), Jeff Eaton (USA), Benjamin Sommerhalder (CH), Lionel Bovier (CH), Marco
Kane Braunschweiler (USA), Layla Tweedie-Cullen (NZ), Alec Finlay (UK).

A new ‘wing’ of works exploring poetry and performance writing was added to the existing library, with
contributions from Friary Road House (UK), Crater Press  (UK), Mark Leahy (UK), A Circular (UK),
Tony Lopez (UK), Gagarin (BE), Holly Pester (UK), Hot Gun Journal (USA), halfcircle (UK). ‘The Most
Cool Books’, a film by An Endless Supply (UK), was played on loop in the gallery for the duration of
the exhibition.

L.I.E at Arnolfini's Reading Room
May 2012
The Reading Room, Arnolfini, Bristol UK

I designed a double-sided lectern for Arnolfini’s Reading Room to facilitate the reading of duplicate titles
from the L.I.E collection. L.I.E selected six books from its collection - a different book for each day that the
Reading Room is open (Tues-Sun). Each pair was made available on the lectern once a week,
encouraging visitors to return to the Reading Room on different days/weeks. Through using the lectern,
an ordinarily solitary act becomes a shared experience; two people viewing the same book at the same
time. A selection of articles from the L.I.E’s permanent collection, including journals, artist books, and
monographs were also on show for the duration of the project.

L.I.E at Spike Island Open
May 2012
Spike Island, Bristol UK

L.I.E participated in Spike Island Open 2012, featuring a presentation in the ‘Speakers Corner’ in the
form of a remote-controlled library musical inviting people to see the collection on display in the adjacent
Spike Associates workspace.

L.I.E at The NewBridge Project
February 2013
The NewBridge Project, Newcastle UK

An invitation from Newcastle’s The NewBridge Project prompted the development of the 'L.I.E Outpost
Crate' system. I designed four modular shipping crates that could transport the entire L.I.E collection, along
with the necessary components for its display. Once emptied of their contents, the padding used within
can be removed and fitted to the lid of the sealed crate to form cushioned seating.

The following was exhibited: 'L.I.E Outpost Crate No.1' featuring a selection of titles from L.I.E's collection,
3 fictional script works, and twenty '10 Favourite Books' lists, with contributions from Ed Ruscha, Katrina
Brown, New Jerseyy, Olivia Plender, Charlotte Cheetham, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jem Southam, Jeff Eaton,
Benjamin Sommerhalder, Lionel Bovier, James Jenkin, OMMU, Marco Kane Braunschweiler, Layla
Tweedie-Cullen, Jeremy Millar, Alec Finlay, Fraser Muggeridge, Torpedo Press, An Endless Supply,
Axel Wieder.

L.I.E in London
March - April 2013
Hannah Barry Gallery (110 New Bond St) London UK

For the project’s inaugural show in London, Hannah Barry Gallery presented works and projects that
encapsulated L.I.E’s exploration into publishing and printed matter. Since 2011 L.I.E has been inviting key
proponents of ‘the book’ to submit a list of ten important titles that form part of their personal book collections.
Twenty of these lists were presented in the gallery, along with a selection of the 200 books featured, which
will be available for viewing during the exhibition.

Also on show was a new film work made in collaboration with artist Barry Sykes entitled ‘Still Busy’. The title
references the legend of Ben Nicholson, as told by the Art Historian James Fox. The film questions ideas of
legacy, art tourism, counter shamanism and Country & Western tunes.

In keeping with L.I.E’s core aims of developing a place for meeting; exchange of ideas and communication,
the directors hosted a series of five informal ‘open(ing) receptions’ for which the gallery will be open from

Open(ing) Receptions:

#1: Tuesday 26th March - with Nieves books
#2: Wednesday 27th March
#3: Thursday 28th March
#4: Thursday 4th April
#5: Friday 5th April - with Fraser Muggeridge

L.I.E Design School 2013
July 2013
Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth UK

A four-day informal school for design, organised by L.I.E, and hosted by Plymouth Arts Centre. L.I.E
Design School examined the processes and ideas involved in designing, editing and producing
published matter. Individual sessions were led by visiting practitioners and included talks, seminars,
screenings and tutorials.

Tutors for L.I.E Design School 2013:

Tuesday 16th: Holly Wales & Stephen Smith of Neasden Control Centre
Wednesday 17th: Harry Blackett of An Endless Supply

Thursday 18th: Ken Kirton of Studio Hato

Friday 19th: Sofia Stevi of Friary Road House Press

Published 2013
Book (edition 100 copies)

The book includes 20 contributions from Ed Ruscha, Katrina Brown, New Jerseyy, Olivia Plender, Charlotte
Cheetham, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jem Southam, Jeff Eaton, Benjamin Sommerhalder, Lionel Bovier, James
Jenkin, OMMU, Marco Kane Braunschweiler, Layla Tweedie-Cullen, Jeremy Millar, Alec Finlay, Fraser
Muggeridge, Torpedo Press, An Endless Supply, Axel Wieder.

Designed in collaboration with 3rd year BA Graphic Design students from Plymouth College of Art.

Click here to buy via the L.I.E shop

L.I.E at Detroit
2013 - 2014
Bristol UK

Detroit was an artist-led initiative concerned with the time and timeliness of art work. Asking how a work is
made as well as the context it is made within. This interest was pursued through a broad consideration of
the contested idea of artistic research and an investment in residency. Working in collaboration with Detroit,
L.I.E and its collection was based on the Harbourside in Bristol UK from 2013-2014.

L.I.E Notes for Art Licks
2013 - 2015
Printed Magazine Feature

Since 2013 L.I.E has contributed to Art Licks magazine (UK) interviewing artists Anita di Bianco, John
Tremblay, Michael Dumontier, and Neil Farber. The premise of the interviews was to introduce to a new
audience a selection of people whose practices are of interest to L.I.E. Each issue features people
whose work is inspired or affected by books/reading, as an extension of L.I.E’s ideas of using books to
engineer an exchange of ideas and discussion.

Christopher Green & L.I.E invite..
June 2015
0fr, 3 Rue Paul Dubois, Paris France

For six days beginning 2nd June 2015 Christopher Green orchestrated activities at the showroom of the
bookstore 0fr on Rue Paul Dubois, Paris. The ground floor of the showroom functioned as an office and
provisional show-space for Green. Each day a different guest was given effective carte blanche, and
invited to curate a programme of activity for the showroom’s basement space.

"It is my hope that this collaborative approach and eclectic programming will both enable and encourage
host, guest, and audience to interact with one another, thus fostering discussions and an exchange of ideas.
Established relationships may be developed, and new ones initiated. I, Christopher Green, will be
present daily, overseeing the operation of the ground floor space and acting as ‘ambassador’ for the
project." C.G.

Click here for a detailed overview of this project.

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